A Note from Dr. Davenport about our Safety Precautions during COVID19

Dear FINA patients,

I want to send an update to you to reassure you that FINA is taking all precautions to ensure that your exposure to other individuals while at FINA is absolutely minimized during this COVID-19 scare. We will continue with all appointments and care as scheduled but will have several procedural changes upon arriving to FINA. We are confident that as these measures are observed, you will have minimal exposure to the public while at FINA.

Please see below for what to expect:

1) In order to avoid any exposure while waiting for your appointment, upon arriving you will be greeted at the door by one of our front desk staff. They will check you in at the door and then ask you to return to your car where you will receive a phone call when it is time for you to have your blood drawn or go back to an exam room.

2) Upon entering the building, we will have you wash your hands prior to having your blood drawn or entering an exam room.

3) As is our protocol always, our staff will be wiping down every surface between patient visits. This includes bathroom surfaces, sinks, counters, tables, beds, and chairs that have been exposed to any patient.

4) Our staff will be make no unnecessary physical contact with any patients for the coming weeks. This includes handshaking, hugging, or physical greetings of any kind.

5) We ask that if you are regularly coughing, sneezing, or have had a fever in the past 24 hours that you call us prior to your arrival. We are aware that many of you must still come to your appointment in this scenario, but further precautions such as delaying your appointment to an isolated time and wearing a mask may be implemented for such a patient.

6) If you are asked to write anything, you will receive a sterilized pen that you will keep.

7) We realize that children are out of school, but we would kindly request that you do not bring your children under 10 to your appointment with you in the coming weeks. Please call us ahead of your appointment if you are unable to accommodate this request and we will discuss further.

8) If you are asked to wait in the waiting room, you will be the only one in this room at the time. We have temporarily eliminated all reading materials and excess literature in order to minimize potentially exposed surfaces.

Finally, for the sake of our community please remember to wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your mouth and nose when possible, and cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze with your shirt sleeve.

We are looking forward to providing our patients with the same excellent, timely, and personalized care as always over the coming weeks. See you soon.

Dr. Davenport