Egg and Sperm Cryopreservation

  • Medical Cryopreservation

    Medical Cryopreservation

    Frequently patients with cancer will desire to preserve their eggs or sperm prior to undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, both of which can cause irreversible damage to reproductive potential. Egg cryopreservation or sperm cryopreservation can be performed before or shortly after chemo or radiation begins so that future childbearing can remain an option. We will work closely with your oncologist on a tight timeline if this is an option you wish to explore.

  • Elective Cryopreservation

    Elective Cryopreservation

    Egg or embryo cryopreservation will allow the aging process of the frozen eggs/embryos to halt in time. It is becoming increasingly common for women to cryopreserve their eggs as an insurance policy against aging or when life circumstances are not yet quite right for childbearing.

    Younger men who are anticipating needing sperm after their early 40's may consider cryopreserving sperm when they are younger since offspring of men over age 40-45 years old have been found to have a higher rate of miscarriage and learning disorders compared to offspring from younger men.


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