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Fertility 101

What is Infertility?

No pregnancy after 1 year of trying if younger than 35 years old

No pregnancy after 6 months of trying if over 35 years old

Infertility occurs in 15% of all couples!!

Female Infertility

The most common cause of female infertility is irregular or lack of ovulation. Therefore, our first step will be to ensure that you are ovulating predictably. If we determine that you are not, we can induce your ovulation via medicine. If ovulation is confirmed, we will search for other causes through a thorough history and examination. The different issues that we look for are:

Different issues that we look for:

Hypothalamic/Pituitary disorders

Tubal disease or dysfunction

Uterine defects (polyps or fibroids)

Uterine malformations


Metabolic disorders

Scar Tissue


Male Infertility

In addition to any of the above female factors, 40-50% of all infertile couples will have some form of male factor infertility, with male factor being the sole cause in 30% of cases. As a matter of fact, more cases of infertility are due to a male factor than any other single cause. The various male issues that we look for at FINA:

Different issues that we look for:

Low sperm counts

Low motility

Poor morphology

DNA fragmentation


Metabolic disorders

Recurrent Miscarriage

The definition of recurrent miscarriage, (aka recurrent pregnancy loss), is the loss of 2 or more clinically-recognized pregnancies involuntarily before 20 weeks. A little known fact is that 15% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. Further, up to 60% of all conceptions do not survive past the first trimester. However, it is only 1-2% of all women who experience recurrent miscarriages.

If you are in this small percentage of women, don't lose hope! Even after 4 consecutive miscarriages, the chances that your next conception will be a live birth are at least 70%.

Different issues that we look for:

Hormonal abnormalities

Immune-related causes

Environmental factors

Uterine abnormalities

Female genetic abnormalities

Male genetic abnormalities

Infection or inflammation

Frustratingly, 50% of women never figure out the cause of their recurrent miscarriages. However, greater than 80% of these women will go on to have a live-born baby if they are appropriately counseled and receive psychological support.


Real People. Real Results.

  • Dr. Davenport is by far the most compassionate and humble doctor/person that I have ever known. He listened to my concerns, he provided an extensive and methodical plan of care, but most importantly he was truly concerned about how I was feeling and the progress I was making. That is VERY hard to come by. He didn't leave anything unanswered or still in question. He labored over my lab and test results leaving nothing up in the air.

  • He answered my sometimes silly questions and listened when I would ask the same question over and over again just for peace of mind. Even though I was one of so many patients I never felt that way. He cares, he's ethical, and he's honest. Thank you Dr. Davenport for all that you did for me!

  • He gave us our first child! Super compassionate doctor. Honest and straight-forward throughout my entire treatment journey, but always with the utmost concern for my feelings. I love Dr. Davenport!

  • Throughout my entire fertility treatment I knew that Dr. D truly cared about me as a person. This was evident with his every interaction with me. He was also very knowledgable, thorough, and good at explaining his every next step in detail to me and making sure I understood everything. I couldn't imagine there being a better and more compassionate fertility doctor! Seriously the complete package of what any woman would want in a doctor! And I am now pregnant! Thanks Dr. D for sticking with us!

  • Dr. Davenport treated me for unexplained infertility for nearly two years. His compassion, kindness, infinite patience, and a wonderful sense of humor made this lengthy and emotional process very manageable. Starting with our initial consultation, Dr. Davenport was extremely attentive and sensitive to my concerns. He designed a treatment plan that felt well paced and, ultimately, proved to be successful. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Davenport to anyone seeking infertility treatment and would, without hesitation, return to him as a patient myself.