Thank you for voting us Best Fertility Specialist 2021!

Thank you Huntsville for voting FINA “Best of Huntsville’s” Best Fertility Specialist in 2021!
Four years ago we saw a need in Huntsville and had a vision of starting a fertility clinic offering the best of both knowledge and technology in a very warm and compassionate setting. You helped make this vision a reality.
We are humbled and honored to receive this award, and we look forward to continuing to provide superior care to all who come through our doors. We are so very thankful for you!




Meet Kendra, FINA’s Nurse Practitioner!

Meet Kendra, FINA’s Nurse Practitioner. We absolutely love Kendra at FINA and our patients do too!
We asked Kendra to tell us a few random fun facts that could help us get to know her better. When she was a child, she had a pet turtle named Alley.🐢 She took 4 years of Russian in high school.📚 Prior to working at FINA, she lived in Nashville🎸 and worked at a women’s hospital. And one we can all relate to- Kendra loves Mexican food!🌮
Kendra- Thanks for sharing your facts with us and for taking such great care of everyone! We are so thankful for you.💕

Check out this review from “Best of Huntsville”!

Thank you to this sweet patient for sharing her FINA story on the “Best of Huntsville” website! We appreciate you so much!
“Dr. D and staff are amazing! They have the most up-to-date treatments and are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met.
I struggled with infertility for 10 years with many doctors and heartache and now have an almost 2 year old. I owe this to Dr D. He listened to my issues and came up with a plan that didn’t break the bank and was something no other Dr even mentioned. They are truly the best!!”

“Dr. Davenport let us set the pace…”

“I spent several years trying to get my PCOS under control, and honestly never thought I’d be able to get pregnant.
Dr. Davenport did a thorough workup, started me on medications to help ovulation, and let us set the pace with a less aggressive treatment plan. It took some time, and I almost can’t believe it, but I am now nine weeks pregnant.
Once I got pregnant I was carefully monitored, and they’ve been as excited as we are!”
Thank you to our sweet patient for sharing her FINA experience! We appreciate you! 💕

We are CAP certified!

We are so excited and proud to be CAP certified!✨ This means that FINA meets all applicable standards for accreditation and is accredited by the College of American Pathologists’ Reproductive Laboratory Accreditation Program.
This is just another way we are striving to serve you in the best way possible.💕

How can you support someone on their fertility journey?

Do you have a loved one who is currently on their fertility journey but you aren’t sure how to best support them?
Maybe you don’t know what to say or you’re wondering why they missed your recent celebration.
We asked our #fertilitywarriors, “What do you wish your loved ones understood?” and “What is the most encouraging thing for someone to say/do?” Check out what some of them had to say. Maybe this can help you, too. 💕
“It was extremely hurtful and frustrating when people would tell me to stop stressing out and I would get pregnant. Also, it was annoying and hurtful when people would constantly ask when we were going to have kids.”
“I wish people would have stopped telling me to just relax and let it happen. I wish they knew how much time, energy, money, and emotions goes in to trying to get pregnant. My most helpful supportive friends just sat and listened to me.”
“I wish people understood how hard baby showers, gender reveals, and birth announcements were for us. I’d rather people try to understand that we’d like to attend your party, but we’re not for our own mental and emotional health. I’m happy for you, but understand it’s too hard to celebrate in person and please try to be understanding instead of offended.”
“During this time, ‘at least’ statements were hard because they minimize your pain and almost make you feel guilty for feeling how you do. I heard, ‘at least it was early,’ or ‘at least you were able to get pregnant,’ and I know others who have experienced #secondaryinfertility who have heard, ‘at least you have other children,’ etc.”
“The best, most helpful thing for me was when people would just be there with open arms and ears. To listen without offering opinions or comments is a gift! I also liked hearing the stories of other infertility/recurrent #miscarriage warriors. Most of all, for me personally, knowing that others were praying for me was a huge blessing.”
“From people who had experienced loss, the most comforting thing someone told me was that anything I was feeling was valid. Everyone processes a miscarriage differently. And whatever way you do, is the right way for you and your family.”

A Patient’s FINA story…

“I cannot recommend FINA enough if you are struggling with infertility. The entire office staff made my husband and I feel comfortable and well cared for. We are currently expecting a little one thanks to FINA, and we will continue to see them as we grow our family.”
We are so excited to see this family grow.💕

National Nurses Week

With courage, compassion, and resilience the 4 million+ nurses and LPNs in the U.S. and the nurses across the globe persevered during the COVID-19 pandemic to care for the rest of us. National Nurses week is celebrated May 6-12, but we will honor nurses all month long and beyond.
National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6 (also known as National Nurses Day) through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.
Here at #FINA, we are so very thankful for our incredible nurse, Kendra!❤️ Let’s spread the love! Let your favorite nurse know why you appreciate them this week!

Meet the staff! Say hello to Uta!

Meet Uta, our Business and Operations Manager! She makes sure we have everything we need to keep FINA running smoothly and efficiently, and we couldn’t do our jobs without her!
A few fun facts about Uta are that she’s a German girl through and through, she has a farm with ducks and sugar gliders, and you can usually find her at the ballfield with her family. 🦆⚽️⚾️
We appreciate you, Uta! ❤️