The Emotional Plight of Infertility: We Have to Help Each Other

***W E  H A V E  T O  H E L P  E A C H O T H E R!***

Welcome back to Day 5! Today we are going to give you some practical tips that can help you stay mentally strong.

1️⃣ Know that it is normal to have sad and disappointed feelings. This is not something to feel guilty about, but rather a normal response to a real problem. Allow yourself to express your emotions.

2️⃣ Getting mentally connected and understood is a huge step toward healthy coping. Find a friend to confide in. If you have not yet told anybody but your partner about your struggle, you need to! Even if that person has not undergone infertility, they are now on the journey with you.

3️⃣ Find a support group. Whether online or locally, this will allow you to hear of what other couples are going through or went through and will validate your emotions. It will make you feel less isolated and will empower you with knowledge.

4️⃣ Journaling. This has been shown to provide clarity of thought as to what you are feeling. It will allow you to understand yourself even more.

5️⃣ Exercise. If you do not already have one, pick up a regular exercise routine. You will find that your hyper-focus on fertility can be re-directed toward a workout, and your stress greatly reduced as a byproduct.

Technology has come a long way to help couples reach their pregnancy goals so that there is much hope for those struggling. The above are just a few tips that may help couples feel less lonely and endure the emotional roller coaster of infertility. Our infertility clinic is also designed to personally assist you through this tough time. Don’t hesitate to call us at 256-217-9613 if we can help! You can also visit our website at .

Thank you for joining us this week! We hope you learned a lot and that you were able to share with a friend who may be going through these struggles.

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