A sweet FINA baby and his family’s story…

We recently received this sweet picture along with this patient’s FINA story. We absolutely love what we do and the wonderful families we get to come alongside.💕

“Happy New Year from our family of three! We couldn’t be more grateful for FINA.
We had our first visit in June 2022 and after some initial testing, we started medicated cycles in September 2022. We continued to do medicated cycles each month until March 2023 when we moved forward with our first IUI. Every staff member greets you with a smile and works to make each visit a positive one. We’re so thankful for everyone at FINA! It truly was bittersweet once we became pregnant and began seeing a normal OB knowing we wouldn’t be coming back each week.
An extra special thank you to Kendra for always being so positive and supportive!”

Each fertility journey is unique.💗

Each fertility journey is unique. 💗
“I highly recommend FINA in any fertility journey situation. They are patient, kind, respectful, and supportive. We had 4 early miscarriages over the course of 1 year and had decided it was time to speak to a specialist. We were referred to Dr. Davenport at FINA by my gynecologist.
We went through two IVF cycles and one embryo transfer and were not able conceive. When we decided to stop trying for genetic children, I also had an open myomectomy with Dr. Davenport to remove fibroids from my uterus in preparation for embryo adoption this summer through a bank in Knoxville, TN. I say all that to point out that even though we were not successful in conceiving through FINA, we felt cared for and understood with our fertility journey. We appreciated the attention to detail from Dr. Davenport and we appreciated the continued support from the staff (including the hugs and kind words during difficult moments). We know they were just as disappointed as we were/are.
That said, we have been fully supported in our pursuit of embryo adoption and will continue to use FINA for our local checkups during the process. God is good, even when the answer is “no” and we know FINA operates under the same understanding. Thankful for a place that protects life at all stages.”
Thank you so much to our patient for sharing her #FINAstory . We appreciate you so much!

A patient’s FINA story ♥

We are so thankful to this thoughtful patient for sharing her story, even 2 years later! Experiences like this make us so happy!
“It’s been almost 2 years since seeing Dr. Davenport but never too late to give a review. Dr. Davenport is heaven sent and so is the staff. Coming from trying numerous years to get pregnant, I am thankful for this office. We looked everywhere for answers as to why we could not get pregnant.
After seeing Dr. Davenport, he informed us there was no issue and with a little bit of assistance, we got our miracle baby. I found out I was pregnant August 2019 with our beautiful daughter.
After finding out, I hugged Dr. Davenport and replied, “you did it”. He instantly replied back, “no, God did it”.
This is how you know you are in great hands! I speak highly of this clinic and refer everyone who ever felt like they had any issues. If I could give 10 stars, I wouldn’t hesitate.” ❤

Getting Started on your Fertility Journey

If you’ve been thinking about taking that first step, we encourage you to go ahead and reach out! You can either call us at 256-217-9613 or visit our website to set up your first consultation.
A couple’s first visit will consist of a consultation with Dr. Davenport. It is at this time that Dr. Davenport will gain a full understanding of your history, and you and Dr. Davenport will decide upon the best treatment plan for you. We encourage both spouses to be present at this visit, although we understand that this is not always possible.
At FINA, we will submit the charges for office visits, labs, ultrasounds, and procedures to your insurance company. Our staff will confirm what services are covered by your insurance, but we encourage all of our patients to verify their coverage as well.
If you do not have insurance or prefer that we do not file your fertility treatment with your insurance company, we offer cash pay packages for your visits. For those services that are not covered by insurance, we try to make them as affordable to you as possible. In these cases, we bundle services together in order to discount the overall cost to you.
Our fertility clinic is designed to personally assist you through this journey. Though you may feel anxious, we are here to walk this journey with you. ❤️

FINA babies and stories💕

We love seeing our patients’ precious babies wearing their little #FINA onesies and hearing about your experience with us!
Do you have a picture or #FINAstory you’d like to share on our social media? Just send us a message! 💕

Here is one patient’s #FINA story…

“We came to FINA one year after trying to conceive with no luck. Dr. Davenport devised a plan for us and we started our journey. We had 3 failed IUIs and we moved on to IVF. Our first transfer ended up being a chemical pregnancy which was heartbreaking for us but we decided to immediately do another one.

The next transfer cycle we got pregnant with our beautiful baby girl who is 4 months old now. Dr. Davenport, Kendra, Abby, and Tarryn were so great during the whole process! Kendra also explained things so well and was so supportive.”

Thank you to this patient for sharing her story! We are so honored to have been part of this family’s journey.

#myFINAstory #HelpingFamiliesBuildFamilies

A patient shares her journey to motherhood…

Each fertility journey is unique. One patient shares her journey to motherhood…
“I came to FINA feeling completely hopeless. After months at another clinic, a failed retrieval, and learning that I was in ovarian failure at 30 years old: it was a last ditch effort to have a family. A friend referred me, and I didn’t have high hopes, but I wasn’t ready to give up. FINA was immediately different than my previous experience. Dr. D and his staff talked to me like a person and not a checkbook or a chart number. Dr. D told me he would never make promises, but he thought it was worth a shot.
I had two retrievals, yielding 9 genetically normal embryos, which was nothing short of a miracle. Unfortunately, we then learned that had basically no endometrial lining, and would likely never be able to sustain a pregnancy. I chose to utilize a gestational carrier. Mine and my husband’s embryo was transferred to our gestational carrier, and on November 16, 2023 we welcomed the most perfect baby boy. I will forever be grateful to the staff at FINA for, against all odds, helping to make me a mother.”❤

World Embryologist Day

Today is World Embryologist Day! On this day in 1978, the world’s first IVF baby was born, and since then there have been amazing advances in fertility medicine that have helped countless couples achieve their dreams of having a baby .

Embryologists play an important role in an IVF clinic. Embryologists are those who study sperm, eggs, and embryos. They will be able to determine which sperm, eggs, and embryos are the healthiest and can be selected for IVF treatment.

We appreciate our embryologist, Katie, so much and the very important work she does!

#FINA #HelpingFamiliesBuildFamilies

Can I do anything to slow or prevent the aging of my eggs?

Today we are wrapping up this discussion on Diminished Ovarian Reserve. We hope you’ve learned a lot this week and that you are feeling more equipped to make some big decisions.
Can I do anything to slow or prevent the aging of my eggs?
Dr. D says, “In short, ovarian aging cannot be prevented, and the most powerful determinant in ovarian reserve and aging are your genetics. However, as with the rest of the organs in our body, the ovaries age slower when they are subjected to less stress. Healthy eating and exercise are the best place to start. Avoiding stressors, excessive alcohol, and environmental toxins, and minimizing lifestyle stressors are all good ways to maximize the potential of your ovaries. Antioxidants can also help slow this process and can be found in many dietary sources or supplemented in pill form. (e.g. CoQ10)
What if I’m not ready to have children until it is too late❓
For a woman who is planning to have children later in life, it might be wise to consider the freezing of some of her eggs while she is in her 20s or early 30s. …Cryopreservation of her eggs allows for better pregnancy that are consistent with the age of when the eggs were frozen rather than a patient’s current age.
No need to panic, but also don’t wait until it’s too late to listen to your biological clock. Several ways exist to test your ovarian reserve, and several interventions are available that may help if your reserve is diminished. Anticipate when you might plan for a family and consider freezing your eggs or embryos if you think you may be older and still desiring to have kids.
Lastly, don’t hesitate to call an infertility specialist to help you assess your situation! We are here to help!”
To schedule a consultation with Dr. Davenport, call us at 256-217-9613. You can also schedule an appointment on our website.
Thank you for joining us this week!💕
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How do I know if I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve?

How does a woman know if she has Diminished Ovarian Reserve❓
Dr. D says that if a woman who is less than 35 years old has regular menstrual cycles, she has no reason to be concerned about her ovarian reserve since it is more than likely adequate. However, around age 35 a woman’s level of concern about diminished ovarian reserve should certainly increase. Even though menstrual cycles remain normal, ovarian reserve is reaching its limits in these women. Several tests exist that will hint at how many and/or the quality of the eggs remaining. … Finally, an ultrasound can be performed to check the ‘antral follicle count’. This is a snapshot in time of the follicles that are next in the cue to grow and mature, but also hints at how many eggs remain.
What if I do have Diminished Ovarian Reserve❓
▪️You are already on your way to the most important step which is gaining an awareness that time is of the essence. If you are in a life position to have children, do it while you can!
▪️If you are 35 or over and have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 6 months or greater, it is prudent to allow for an infertility specialist to perform a thorough infertility work-up.
▪️An infertility specialist can also help you stimulate multiple eggs each cycle, which will act to increase your overall chances to conceive each cycle.
▪️IVF (in vitro fertilization) may be recommended to you in certain situations. This will give you the highest chances for pregnancy in the shortest amount of time and can also allow you to freeze embryos for future use while you still have eggs left.
▪️Your infertility specialist may recommend antioxidants and/or other supplements that have been shown to be possibly beneficial in certain patients with DOR.
Tomorrow we will be wrapping up this discussion. You’ll learn if anything can be done to slow or prevent the aging process of your eggs. We will also address the concern that some women have who are not ready to have children quite yet but may want them in the future.