A patient’s FINA story ♥

We are so thankful to this thoughtful patient for sharing her story, even 2 years later! Experiences like this make us so happy!
“It’s been almost 2 years since seeing Dr. Davenport but never too late to give a review. Dr. Davenport is heaven sent and so is the staff. Coming from trying numerous years to get pregnant, I am thankful for this office. We looked everywhere for answers as to why we could not get pregnant.
After seeing Dr. Davenport, he informed us there was no issue and with a little bit of assistance, we got our miracle baby. I found out I was pregnant August 2019 with our beautiful daughter.
After finding out, I hugged Dr. Davenport and replied, “you did it”. He instantly replied back, “no, God did it”.
This is how you know you are in great hands! I speak highly of this clinic and refer everyone who ever felt like they had any issues. If I could give 10 stars, I wouldn’t hesitate.” ❤